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The climbing formwork systems is used on the outer surfaces of high-rise buildings and in cases where casting is not ergonomic at one time. Thus, both labor and material savings are achieved. In the first casting, the places where the climbing hangers will be placed are determined and carrot anchors are placed in the concrete. In the second casting, the climbing consoles are placed on the cone by attaching bolts and cones to the carrot anchor. Thus, a safe working area is created on the consoles. The working area is created by using upward moving shaft platform beams to close the elevator shafts. In this system, the wall formwork is double-sided. Concrete pressure is met by anchor shafts. In shaft platforms, it is a system designed according to the project to support the curtain molds in the parts of the shaft facing the gap in the beams of the elevator and ladder shafts and to ensure that the workers work safely. It is a system that moves upwards only vertically with the help of a crane by placing its arms in the slots left on the curtain after the first casting.

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