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The material is brought ready to use without pre-assembly. The plywood slot in the special profiles in the panel frame protects the plywood against future impacts. In this way, it adds extra strength to the panels and extends their usage time. A small number of locks is sufficient, thanks to special profiles that increase panel strength. They are systems that can be carried manually. It is suitable to be transported by crane if desired. Plywood thickness is 15 mm. It has been designed for a concrete pressure of 50 kN / m². Project support is required for higher strengths. It provides labor savings due to its easy installation and disassembly. It is a formwork system that allows columns of varying sizes to be poured with a single mold. Column formworks of different sizes can be installed with the same elements. Since there is no need for pre-assembly when installing columns of different sizes, the installation is very fast and labor savings are achieved.

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