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Due to its easy mounting and dismounting process, it speeds up the construction site works. Its storage and stowage is effortless. It is conveniently usable for all types of laying types. The project’s formwork cost is fixed by decreasing and narrowing formwork materials according to formwork load. Therefore, the needed amount of formwork materials is used. Since the carrying capacities of parts that form the Portiprop Telescopic Prop system are high, swift and easy installation is ensured with fewer parts. Portiprop Telescopic Props can be readily adjusted depending on the variable floor heights of the project. Due its adaptation to every height conveniently, it is cheaper and faster than conventional formwork. It provides easy circulation in various plans and projects because it has fewer parts. It is much more durable and less costly than the conventional system which is called black formwork. Outer pipe is made of TSE Certificated 60×2.5 mm standard pipe and inner pipe is made of 48 x 3 mm TSE Certificated standard pipe. Waste pipes are never used. All pipes are subjected to pressure experiments. The wall thickness of all pipes is identical. Mechanism is made of 60 x 4 mm pipe and prevents nut from being stripped. Nut is made of CE certificated material and high quality is ensured by nodular cast iron. Base slab is made of 150 x 150 x 5 mm sheet. In order to prevent plate’s edges from being folded under load, the plate is formed in a special way. Welding; Since the manufacturing is carried out by robots without human touch with automatic gas metal arc welding machinery, the labor errors are prevented in circular welding process, which is the most difficult welding type. Drilling; The drilling process is performed by special type of drill without causing any deformation. It does not create weak sections as presser does when perforation is done by special drill in every 10 cm. All our adjustable props are subjected to mechanical tests at KOSGEB laboratories and their safety carrying capacity is certified as 25 kN (2,5 ton).

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