Stadiums, which have become the symbols of cities, are among the structures that attract the most attention all over the world. With its new stadium investment, Bursa reinforces its place on the agenda of Turkey and the world with a project worthy of the “Bursa Brand”. The stadium, which has an area of ​​4 thousand 374 square meters and a capacity of 45 thousand people, was designed as 3 floors with 2 basement floors and 1 platform floor. The roof of the stadium has a crocodile appearance, which is also the symbol of the Bursaspor football team, and meets the latest criteria of FIFA and UEFA in order to host international organizations. It is constructed appropriately. The project, which will include 70 lodges, 84 separate entrance gates and 60 turnstiles, consists of a total construction area of ​​179 thousand 642 square meters. In the first phase of the stadium, which will also have 207 disabled seats, there will also be a multi-storey car park with a capacity of 641 vehicles and 2 buses. Along with the transportation and landscaping to be carried out later within the scope of the project, an additional 95 thousand 477 square meters of parking area will be created to serve 1551 vehicles and 256 buses. The Bursaspor Museum, which will be located alongside the stadium project, will provide added value to city life together with commercial areas, cafeterias and social facilities.