Environment Policy

As an institution, conscious of its social responsibilities, contributing to country economy, attaching importance to environment and human beings

-To develop precautions by determining environmental, health, and safety risks, implement methods, which will remove risks, to fulfill health/safety risks arising in the course of the activities we conduct and legal environmental responsibilities, so as to plan products, remedies, and activities, taking the principle of constant development and improvement as a basis,

-To plan development and implementation activities by a method, which will prevent health, safety, and environmental risks; to ensure reduction of environmental pollution, efficient use of energy and natural resources as an indication of our development,

-To remove occupational accidents and diseases by protecting personal health of employees and providing healthy working circumstances,

-To conduct activities so as to develop awareness of our employees and suppliers working in our facilities, construction sites, and projects within the framework of "Health and Safety of Human beings, and Environmental Protection",

-To transmit environmental, health and safety information regarding our products and remedies to our customers,

-To participate in activities of official and private institutions; and support their activities are the fundamental components, in determination of the aims and objectives, which will develop our environmental and occupational health safety management system.


The facts we realized up to now and those to be realized in the future are open to public knowledge; it is our duty to ensure environmental quality, protection of human health, establishment of safe working medium and its maintenance as employees of Portisan Scaffolding and Formwork Industry within the framework of total quality management.